Kamin Health Urgent Care

Maimonides Medical Center

These are flyers that I made. The first one shows tha Maimonides branding with a twist to apply to the Heart and Vascular Center.

Maimonides Medical Center is the largest hospital in Brooklyn. An independent teaching hospital, Maimonides is at the forefront of innovative medicine. My position as Multimedia Coordinator had me create many different types of media.
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Motion Graphics
Webpage Designs


Camp HASC provides a 7 week experience for people with special needs. The staff have nightly lectures to keep them involved and inspired, which are all listed on this weekly schedule.


Once a year, Camp HASC provides respite for parents and fun for campers on a 3 day getaway. This flyer advertised for the counselors to sign up for the getaway.

Wired Magazine Redesign

This magazine layout is a redesign of an article that was featured in Wired Magazine. I created a cover page for the article, and two more spreads according to the design of Wired. The article is about the media shattering this person's life by being too intrusive. I tried to display that in the different aspects of design.

Martha Stewart/Wired Mashup

The first part of this assignment was to recreate a few pages of Wired Magazine. The second part was to take a magazine that is completely unrelated to Wired and make it look as if the designers of Wired designed it. Martha Stewart Living is a complete opposite of Wired, focusing on the home and on cooking as opposed to technology and movies. This is the result.

Israel Home Competition

This is a competition meant to engage participants who took a trip to Israel and to keep them connected to their trip and to their peers. This handout is a quick and concise look at the various challenges presented to the participant as part of the competition.
The next image is an itinerary for the reward weekend.

First Shabbat

An educational handout for a session given to a community. The different steps portrayed in the handout are clearly separated by colored boxes so as to be able to quickly identify each step.