Maimonides Medical Center

I recorded, interviewed, edited and created the motion graphics and transitions for over 25 doctors for their online profile videos.

Maimonides Medical Center is the largest hospital in Brooklyn. An independent teaching hospital, Maimonides is at the forefront of innovative medicine. My position as Multimedia Coordinator had me create many different types of media.
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So Fun at NCSY

I volunteer as an advisor for Jewish teens through an organization called NCSY which is a subsidiary of the Orthodox Union. For our weekend getaways, we sometimes make videos displaying the rules. This video is a parody on the "Dumb Ways to Die" video that has been popular recently.

Netiv Aryeh
Chesed Video

While working at Yeshivat Netiv Aryeh, I made this video which displays the different volunteer opportunities that the Yeshiva provides for it's students. I created everything from videography to editing.

Chase Scene

One of my assignments in college was to create a chase scene, following the laws of continuity. This video shows my use of the eyeline match, perspective, 180 degree rule, etc.

Guilty Conscience

In the place where I studied overseas, it is a tradition to make a comedic video for the holiday of Purim. I had the idea to parody this song in a way that related to the people in my Yeshiva.

Lightsaber Duel

My friend and I were playing around and we decided to see if we could make a video of us having a lightsaber duel. Turns out we could.

Do You Know Your Name?

We all identify ourselves by our names. While coming up with a campaign for Pencils of Promise, an organization that educates kids in third world countries, we wanted to see how people would feel and react when they were unable to visually express their identity, the same way that these kids in 3rd world countries cannot express theirs. We erased their names, thereby erasing their identities. And without an identity, there is no life. You can’t spell “LIFE” without education.